Terms and Conditions of Welcome Gift Redemption:
  1. Welcome Gifts are applicable to new Principal Cardholders of CMB Wing Lung Bank Credit Card only, whose credit card accounts should be approved and opened on or before June 30, 2013. Supplementary Cardholders or those who currently hold or has in the past 12 months held any CMB Wing Lung Credit Card or Affinity Card are not eligible to the welcome gifts.
  2. Each eligible Principal Cardholder is only entitled to receive the Welcome Gift once only, even if Principal Cardholder applies for more than one credit card during the Promotional Period. If a Principal Cardholder is entitled to receive the Welcome Gift under another concurrent promotion run by the Bank, Principal Cardholder is only entitled to receive only one of the Promotional Offer at the Bank's discretion.
  3. Welcome gift cannot be changed once it is indicated on the application form. Welcome gifts are available on a first come, first served basis while stocks last. The Bank reserves the right to offer an alternative gift as replacement in case of product shortage.
  4. For redemption of Rasonic Food Steamer, Philips Twin Dect Phone, Smartech Smart Multi Cooker or Panasonic Warm Jar, Principal cardholder should make HK$2,800 purchase transactions or above in the first 2 months upon card issuance.
  5. Gift Redemption Advice will be sent to the Prinicpal Cardholder within 1 month upon fulfilment of the required spending criteria.
  6. For redemption of up to HK$60,000 6-months Interest Free Credit-to-Cash:
    1. Principal Cardholders are not required to fulfill any spending requirement. Up to HK$60,000 Credit to Cash loan or 80% of approved credit limit, whichever is lower will be approved to the card applicant.
    2. The approved amount will be credited by local telegraphic transfer to the Hong Kong Dollar bank account designated by cardholders within 7 working days after the application has been successfully approved. An administration fee of HK$30 will be charged by CMB Wing Lung Bank ("WLB") when the designated bank account is not a CMBWLB account. The receiving bank may also deduct a handling fee for local telegraphic transfer from the designated account.
    3. Confirmation letter will be issued by CMBWLB upon successful application for the Plan.
    4. Cardholders can repay the approved amount by 6 months with interest and handling fee waiver. Each repayment amount is equal to the approved amount divided by the number of instalment (6 instalments), and will be debited monthly from the relevant credit card account and will be payable by the cardholders as such in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement.
    5. Late charges, finance charges and / or other relevant charges will apply in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement if the amount of minimum payment requirement or full amount of statement balance shown on the monthly statement is not paid on or before the payment due date specified on the statement.
    6. Cardholders agree and authorise CMBWLB to debit cardholders' credit card account with the monthly instalment amount. The monthly instalment amount and the repayment period cannot be changed.
    7. The approved amount will be withheld from the credit limit of the credit card account. The account withheld from the credit limit will be decreased each month after the repayment amount for each month has been charged from the credit card account.
    8. The total outstanding approval amount and all interest and other charges (if any) will become immediately due and payable upon cancellation of the credit card account, for whatever reason.
    9. Once the application has been approved by CMBWLB and before full settlement of the outstanding approved amount together with all interest and other charges (if any), no cancellation will be accepted.
    10. Cardholders shall give CMBWLB prior written notice of not less than 7 working days preceding the payment due date specified on the statement of his / her intention to make early repayment. Upon receipt of early payment notice, CMBWLB will, if applicable, debit to the cardholder's account the whole instalment and all interest to be repaid. CMBWLB reserves the right to charge an administration fee of HK$500 for each early repayment requested by the cardholder, for whatever reason.
    11. The approved amount of the Plan is not eligible to receive any benefits program.
  7. Only retail purchase transactions, cash advance, online purchase transaction and mail / phone order will be calculated.
  8. The following transactions are not eligible for this promotion: autopay, credit to cash, balance transfer, flexible instalment, interest free tuition loan, octopus auto reload amount, online bill payment, gambling chips, securities transaction, foreign exchange, travellers' cheque, finance charges, handling fees, annual fee payment, account service fees, late payment charges, reversal transaction, personalised Octopus application fee, cancellation or reimbursement of transaction, fraudulent transactions or other transactions that CMB Wing Lung Bank may define.
  9. The Bank is not the supplier of the gift items and shall not be responsible for any matters related to the product quality or after-sales services provided.
  10. During the promotion period and redemption period, credit card account of the cardholder should be valid and in good credit standing.
  11. If cardholders cancel their new Credit Card within 1 year upon card issuance, the Bank reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of HK$500 for each cancelled card.
  12. The Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the above offers without prior notice. In case of any dispute arisen, the Bank reserves the right to make the final decision.