Margin Securities Welcome Offers: Annualized Margin Financing Rate 4.25%

From now till 30th June 2021, Eligible Customer who opens new Margin Securities Trading Account of CMB Wing Lung Bank (“the Bank”) can enjoy a series of fabulous offers:

Offer 1 : Annualized Margin Financing RateP-1% (4.25%)1,4

Offer 2: Margin Financing Interest-Free Experience for the First 3 Months2

Offer 3: Cash Reward of Up to HKD1,000 for Securities Transfer-in

Offer 4: Waived Handling Fee for Securities Transferred under the Same Name within the Bank [How to transfer Securities]?


Account Features 3:


  • Only HKD1.16 daily interest on every HKD10,000 loan amount1!
  • Loan amount up to 60% of the market value of stocks
  • Great flexibility, interest is calculated on a daily basis, no interest is incurred if repayment is made on the same day
  • Greater purchasing power boosted by leverage
  • Loan can be used for various purposes


  1. Eligible Customer who opens new Margin Securities Trading Account can enjoy annualized margin financing rate P-1%. The offer is valid until further notice. P is the HKD Best Lending Rate (p.a.) of the Bank subject to fluctuations. The annualized margin financing rate shall be 4.25% if the HKD Best Lending Rate now is 5.25% p.a.. The daily interest will be HKD1.16 [$10,000 x 4.25% ÷365] on every loan amount of HKD10,000.
  2. Eligible Customer who has conducted transactions of HK Stocks through electronic channels (include CMBWLB Wintech mobile application, CMB Wing Lung NET Securities Services and CMB Wing Lung Automated Securities Services) during the Rebate Period can get the rebate of the interest paid during the Rebate Period (“Rebate”). The maximum amount of Rebate during the whole Rebate Period is the amount of interest paid or the brokerage paid of HK Stocks transactions traded through electronic channels during the Rebate Period, whichever is lower. The relevant Rebate will be used to offset the interest paid during the Rebate Period. If Eligible Customer does not have any transactions of HK Stocks during the Rebate Period, Eligible Customer will not be eligible for the Rebate.
    If the new Margin Securities Trading Account opened is a new i Trade Securities Account, the rebate amount of “Offer 2: Margin Financing Interest-Free Experience for the First 3 Months” will be compared with the rebate amount of “$0 Buy & Sell Order Brokerage in the first 3 months for New Customer”, only one of the offers with the highest rebate amount will be given to the Eligible Customer. The Bank's decision shall be final and conclusive. Click here for details, as well as the Terms and Conditions of “$0 Buy & Sell Order Brokerage in the first 3 months for New Customer”.
  3. For details of Margin Securities Trading Account, please click here.
  4. Click here for the Terms and Conditions of Margin Securities Welcome Offers.


Enquiry Hotline: 230 95555

Warning: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Risk Disclosure

The above information is for reference only and does not constitute and should not be regarded as any offer to purchase or sell. Investment involves risks and the price of securities may fluctuate or even become worthless. Losses may be incurred rather than making a profit as a result of dealing in securities. You should carefully and independently consider whether the securities are suitable for you in light of your investment experience, objectives, financial position and risk profile. This advertisement has not been authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission. Independent professional advice should be obtained if necessary. Please read the relevant terms and conditions together with the risk disclosure statements in the General Conditions for Accounts and Services before making any investment decisions.

Transactions conducted through financing obtained through pledge loans are highly risky. The losses you may suffer could exceed the amount of the cash and other assets you have deposited as pledges with us. You could be asked within a short time to deposit extra margin or pay up for the interest. If you fail to pay the required margin or interest before the designated deadline, your pledge is likely to be sold without your consent. In addition, you are also liable for any shortage of fund in your account and for the interest due. Therefore, you are kindly advised to ponder if such financing arrangements suit your financial status and investment strategies.

Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. In these circumstances, your loss will not be limited to your margin and may be a substantial amount in addition. You should not participate in margin trading unless you are willing to assume the risks associated with such transaction and are financially able to absorb losses.


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