Insured Vehicle Claim Procedures

When the vehicle involves in an accident, please return the following documents to us immediately.

  1. Original Motor Accident Report Form , Authorization and Questionnaire
  2. Copy of any of Vehicle Registration Document in both sides
  3. Copy of ID Card of driver
  4. Copy of Driving Licence of driver
  5. Copy of Police Statement / Information (including Notice of Intended Prosecution)

We would remind you that any communication which may be received from or on behalf of any other party involved in the accident should be forwarded to us immediately without acknowledgement. Furthermore, if the accident was caused by the fault of other party(ies), you are advised to lodge a complaint with the Police within 10 days of the accident.

If your vehicle is stolen, report the loss to the police immediately as the lost vehicle may be used in an unlawful act.

The above information is provided for reference only. The Company does not accept liabilities for any errors or omissions. For enquiries, please contact us at 3508 1319 or 3508 1320.

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