Security Tips

Security for banking services has always been CMB Wing Lung Bank’s (“the Bank”) prime concern. Apart from the security measures implemented by the Bank, you are responsible to play an equally important role in safeguarding your personal and account information. As such, important guidelines of CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay Fund Transfer Services are summarized in this section for your reference. You are recommended to incorporate these guidelines into your practices when using the Bank’s services.

Creating and Changing Your Password
  • Do not use your name, telephone number, date of birth or identity card number, etc as password.
  • Create a unique password, which is not shared with any other systems.
  • Change your password regularly (for example for every 30 days)
Proper Handling of Account Information and Password
  • Memorise your PIN and do not write it down.
  • Do not disclose your personal details, e.g. account number, password, security code, HKID/passport number, address, bank account/credit card account number (the Bank staff and the Police will never ask you for your password for identity verification purposes), to any third parties.
  • Do not send your password by email.
  • Keep your secret code (e.g. password) and devices used for accessing the Bank’s services (e.g. mobile) in a safe and secure place, to prevent lost or taken by others.
  • When you are conducting transactions or making enquiries through CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay application, you should ensure that your screen or information inputted cannot be viewed/recorded by any persons or electronic appliance (for example, view cam).
Keep Your Phone Safe
  • Do not store your “CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay” application mobile PIN, CMB Wing Lung Personal NET Banking Logon ID and password on your mobile handset.
  • Avoid using free Wi-Fi access point. Use trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers.
  • Use your own mobile device to register CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay Fund Transfer Services. Avoid sharing your mobile device with others.
  • Do not leave your mobile device unattended after logging on to CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay application.
  • Always close the CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay application when your transactions have been completed.
  • Set up auto-lock and enable passcode lock on your mobile handset.
  • Do not forward your One-Time-Password (OTP), push notification and SMS to anyone.
Use Only Trusted Device and Application
  • •Avoid accessing internet banking services with public computers and prevent shoulder surfing.
  • Install and update the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software regularly on your mobile handsets.
  • Use default browsers originally installed on the mobile devices.
  • Avoid connections to the transactional websites or mobile application through emails with embedded hyperlinks.
  • Do not use any jailbroken or rooted mobile device.
  • Install application on your mobile handsets from official and updated sources where appropriate.
  • Download mobile application from official app stores and ensure to search application with correct name to avoid fake application.
  • Wipe data on your old mobile handset before you donate, resell or recycle it.
Detecting and Reporting Abnormal Activities / Suspected Frauds / Frauds
  • Please open the push notification function of CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay application so that you can receive notification of transaction / services timely.
  • Check your account balance and transaction history at least once a week.
  • Contact us immediately should you encounter any abnormal transaction. (Do not ignore any unusual activity even with small transaction amount.)
  • Check your personal profile regularly to avoid loss caused by unauthorized usage of your personal information.
  • Notify us of any change of your contact information immediately, so that we can contact you timely in case any abnormal transaction is found.
  • If you suspect any transaction case, you can immediately suspend your CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay Fund Transfer Services through Net Banking Services.
  • Before suspending CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay Fund Transfer Services, you should prepare the following information relating to the abnormal activities or suspected frauds:

    - Your last logon time;
    - Account information of CMB Wing Lung Bank JETCO Pay Fund Transfer Services; or
    - Emails; or
    - Screen captures (such as images).
  • You should pass us the above information immediately via the following channels:

    - Call our Customer Services Hotline (852) 230 95555; or
    - Call our 24-hour Emergency Hotline (852) 3711 7900; or:
    - Contact any of our branches in person during office hours.
More Security Information

To know more about the security issue of our E-Channel Services, please click the following link:

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