Service Fee

Effective Date : May 1, 2012
Type of Business Particulars Rate of Commission
Collection of Rent (per rental receipt) Monthly rental of $15,000 or below 5% on monthly rental (minimum charge $500)
Monthly rental of $15,001 to $35,000 4% on monthly rental
Monthly rental of $35,001 or above 3% on monthly rental
Vacant premises (per unit) $500
Handling Charges for Tenancy Renewal (per term lease) $800
Letting Agency Commission on let out premises 50% of first month rental (minimum $1,500)
Advertising expenses Paid by landlord
Cost of preparing Tenancy Agreement Equally shared by landlord and tenant
Sale & Purchase of Properties For Vendor/Purchaser:  
Consideration below $5,000,000 1% on consideration
Consideration $5,000,000 or above Negotiable


(The above charges are subject to change at any time at our discretion with prior notice)

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