Training and Development

Staff Training and Development

CMB Wing Lung Bank (CMBWLB) believes that people are the most valuable asset and key of success to the bank. To support the sustainable development of the bank in the competitive financial market, we commit to invest in staff training & development to enhance the competencies of our staff force.

Our mother company China Merchants Bank (CMB) also believes and invests substantially in staff training and development. CMBWLB staff would have opportunities to join training programs in the flag-ship training centre of CMB.

  • Training Programs
    Wide ranges of training programs are provided to our staff members, right at the time when they are on-board.  Training programs are available for specific roles and responsibilities to ensure staff members perform their duties effectively.  To build up professional knowledge and skills, different training programs on products, operation, compliance, market update, risk management, management skills are also provided to relevant staff members.
  • Management Trainee Programme
    To nurture our home-groomed talents to support the rapid growth, we provide a comprehensive 24-months Management Trainee Programme for graduates who aspire to develop career in banking industry with exposure to China business. This program constitutes of classroom training, on-the-training and exciting opportunities of attaching to different departments, mainland China branches of CMBWLB or CMB.
  • e-Learning Platform
    CMBWLB has set up an e-Learning platform for some of our training programs. The platform provides convenience to our staff members, it gives great flexibility in learning outside classroom. 
  • Sponsorship for External Training and Education Award

    Continuous learning is important to sustain a professional and competent staff force in the very competitive banking industry. On top of in-house program, CMBWLB sponsors our staff members to attain wide varieties of external training programs, seminars and conferences that are relevant to their jobs. 

    We also encourage our staff to pursue professional qualifications, education award will be granted to staff members who gained the professional qualifications approved by the Bank.

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