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    New Features:
    • Numerous time-limited offers exclusive for CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App customers. Customers can enter into the Notification Center of  CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App and activate the push notification function of “Offers” to grasp every chance for the offers.

    • Time-Limited Fixed Deposits Offer - Get preferential fixed deposit interest rate for RMB/HKD/USD by successfully creating fixed deposits during the promotional periods.

    Securities Page
    • The Securities Page provides you with convenient functions, coupled with free stock quotes and comprehensive market information, including the indices of main markets, trend of quotes changing and the latest market news. You can also add your own watch list to grasp the investment opportunities.

    Notification Center
    • Exclusive offers for customers, transaction alerts (e.g. fund transfer, bill payments, remittance) and announcements issued by CMB Wing Lung Bank ("the Bank") in the latest 3 months are pushed to the Notification Center of CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App, all latest financial information can be viewed at a glance.

    Activation and Setting Functions
    • When customers login for the first time, CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App will guide customers to activate and enable the Security Token, and to change password for login to CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services and CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App mobile banking services. Customers can change the setting of Security Token and password in CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App anytime afterwards.

    Other Features:
    One-Click Remittance
    • Designated beneficiary and withdrawal account can be saved at CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App for telegraphic transfer.

    • Click on the "Fund Transfer" icon in CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App. Input the remittance amount after login to transfer fund to pre-set designated beneficiary.

    Account Opening
    • New customers can input the electronic Account Opening Form without login. Designated time and branch can also be selected for completing the account opening procedure at branch.

    Non-registered Small Amount Transfer
    • Transfer funds to non-registered account(s) with a daily limit of HKD10,000 or equivalent. The limit shares with the daily limit of non-registered account(s) transfer in CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services.

    Auto-Sweeping Services
    • Auto-Sweeping Services is only applicable to customers of CMB Wing Lung Sunflower Service, CMB Wing Lung Wealth Management Service and CMB Wing Lung Private Banking Service ("Eligible Customer").

    • Eligible Customer can register same name same currency savings account and assign same name same currency current account (“Designated Account”) via CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App, the Bank will provide auto fund transfer according to the daily limit upon overdraft of the Designated Account.

    Foreign Exchange
    • 10 foreign currencies are available for exchange transaction. Customer can also check the transaction history immediately.

    Gold Dealing
    • Gold dealing transaction can be done with the same name gold transaction account. Customer can also check the transaction history immediately

    Bill Payment
    • Pay various types of bills conveniently and efficiently via CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App or CMB Wing Lung NET Bank

    FPS App-to-App / Web-to-App
    • When a customer access a merchant app or webpage supporting this function via his/her mobile phone, select FPS when making payment and choose CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App, the App will be invoked automatically for making payment via the FPS. Click Here for the introduction and video provided by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited.

    Enjoy our Brand New CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App Mobile Banking Services Now!

    Search for “CMB Wing Lung Bank” / “招商永隆銀行” at App Store or Google Play to download CMB Wing Lung Bank Mobile App for free!

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