RMB Deposits Services


  • Comprehensive services
    We offer savings account, current account and fixed deposit services. RMB deposit account customer can deposit and withdraw RMB cash at our Head Office and any of our Hong Kong branches and conduct other RMB transactions including cheque deposit, fund transfer and two-way exchange (RMB/HKD).

    What's more, our "Deposit Link Service" offer preferential interest rate for placing RMB fixed deposits at Shenzhen branch.

    Please refer to "Deposit Link Service"
  • RMB cheque
    With a personal RMB current account, you can settle ordinary consumption transactions by cheque in Guangdong Province, including Shenzhen, conveniently. Cheques can also be used in Hong Kong for inter-bank fund transfer between accounts. Through the service you can enjoy greater flexibility.
  • Electronic service channels
    Personal customers can enquire account balance, trade RMB and create RMB fixed deposits via our NET Banking and Phone Banking anytime, anywhere. Through NET Banking you can also transfer funds and set up forward-dated instructions for fund transfer between your RMB savings and RMB current accounts with the Bank. Cheque book requisition, cheque status enquiry and stop cheque payment can also be made online in the most convenient way.



  1. RMB deposits services
    • a. Overdraft on Renminbi account is not available
    • b. Customers opening a Renminbi account with our Head Office or branches in Hong Kong are not allowed to withdraw cash at our mainland branches.
  2. RMB deposit accounts
    • a. RMB current accounts are available to the Bank's RMB savings account holders only. Cheques are not transferable and can only be deposited into the payee's account.
    • b. For consumption spending in Guangdong Province (including Shenzhen), the amount of each RMB cheque shall not exceed RMB80,000, otherwise the cheque will be returned and a handling fee of RMB200 will be charged for each returned cheque. Customers agree that the aggregate amount of cheques presented to the Bank on any day shall not exceed RMB80,000.
    • c. "Deposit Link Service" involves policy risk, legal risk, exchange rate risk and interest rate risk. Funds maintained in our mainland branches are not protected deposit and are not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme in Hong Kong. 


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