Life Insurance

Life Insurance
Life Insurance
    • Family Protection
      What does it mean to you by protecting your family?  Providing adequate financial support if the unthinkable happens? Allowing your family to live carefree and happily at any times? Your loved ones do not suffer in case of  any misfortune? In any case, you need a partner to help you providing this protection. Have you had this partner yet? 
    • Education Plan
      Do you really need millions of dollars to support your child’s education? What is the desired education environment for your children?   Study in prestige and famous institutions? Study abroad? Whatever you are thinking of will require self-suffcient funding. Are you ready now or you need a partner to help you achieve your planned goal? 
    • Wealth Accumulation
      Even if you are fully conscious of growing your hard earned wealth and have already started actions according to your strategies and plan,  have you adjusted your asset allocation and investment vehicles at different life stages from  time and time to ensure your wealth accumulation objectives can be met at all times? Endowment Insurance Plan is a versatile tool that can help you to build your wealth in your various stages of life. 
    • Retirement Plan
      Do you have adequate assets at this moment for a hassle-free retirement life?  Do you believe MPF has provided a means more than enough for your retirement?  Do you wish to have a stable stream of lifetime income even if you are not a government employee? To ease your worries and let the time works for you, traditional whole life insurance or annuity plan definitely drives provides you a more enriching retirement life.  
    • Legacy Planning
      Have the stories appearing on newspapers about litigations amongst family members over legacy family wealth time and time again provided you any insights or triggers as to how you should plan your estate distribution early? , If so, there are many types of life insurance plans financial solutions for legacy planning from which you can choose to provide ease of mind for your family . 
    • Health Protection
      With rising health consciousness and continuous medical advancements, life expectancy is increasing, you therefore might also worry about how to manage huge treatment cost.  While the social benefit provides you the basic medical coverage, you should consider having choices to secure your healthcare needs and have professional advice.  We recommend you tailored solution that you can enjoy both health protection and wealth accumulation.  It allows your family and you to stay worry free through your road to recovery.
    • Endowment Plan
      Endowment Insurance provides life protection as well as a flexible way to achieve your savings target. It designs with flexibility to allow you to choose different payment frequency and policy term.  You can enjoy guaranteed return on your savings as well as dividends. 
    • Annuity Plan

      The Annuity plan provides you with the security of a stream of guaranteed payments and life protection to supplement your retirement fund, you can enjoy a worry free retirement life.

      It allows you to choose different wealth accumulation period and contribution amount.  At the end, you can receive a stable stream of income or withdraw your account value once. 
    • Term Insurance
      Term Insurance offers low-cost protection - pure term life insurance coverage to provide financial support your family.  The premium might increase with your age.  On the other hand, you can choose to adjust your protection amount at different life stage.
    • Whole Life Insurance
      Whole Life Protection Plan is a life insurance and savings plan, combining guaranteed cash value, dividends and life protection.  Also, you can choose from different protection amount and payment period based on your financial needs.  It primarily safeguards your loved ones against the unexpected and accumulates your wealth.  
    • Medical and Critical Illness Insurance

      Medical and Critical Illness Insurance releases your financial obligation when hospitalized. Inpatient and outpatient medical insurance reimburses you the actual medical expenses incurred so that you can reserve a worry free medical treatment. Critical Illness Insurance provides financial support when you need it most, so that you can better afford the right medical treatment should the unexpected happen. It both can secure you to stay worry free financially through your road to recovery.

    Our relationship managers have the recognized industrial qualifications.

    We provide personalized financial planning services and professional advice to our valuable customers to meet the unique goals at different life stage.

    Our insurance services includes:

    • Free customized financial planning services
    • Comprehensive product range to fulfill your personal goals at different life stage
    • Regular market update helping you make the right moves at the right time

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