Corporate Finance

  • CMB Wing Lung Bank's China/Hong Kong SME Trade Finance Scheme offers convenience for Hong Kong Enterprises and citizens to mortgage their assets in Mainland China for cross border trade financing or loan arrangement.
  • Provide full range cross border RMB trade financing to corporate customers, including the issuance of import Letters of Credit ("L/C"), shipping guarantee, trust receipt loans, import collection, invoice financing, LC advising and export LC collection, etc. 

    ​What's more, our "Deposit Link Service" offer preferential interest rate for placing RMB fixed deposits at Shenzhen branch.

  1. Corporate Finance
    • a. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the above services according to regulations and guidelines from time to time announced by The People's Bank of China / State Administration of Foreign Exchange / China Banking Regulatory Commission or the general market condition thereof at any time without prior notice.
    • b. Cross border RMB trade settlement services only applies to qualified corporate customers for settlement of genuine trade transactions with eligible enterprise(s) in the 20 pilot areas in Mainland China.
    • c. Customer applies for cross border RMB trade settlement account must have maintained a corporate account with CMB Wing Lung Bank.
    • d. Interest rates apply to cross border RMB trade settlement accounts are subject to fluctuations and discretions of CMB Wing Lung Bank.
    • e. Subject to the agreement with the RMB clearing bank in Hong Kong and the Mainland China and relevant regulatory requirements, CMB Wing Lung Bank is authorized to provide any information for the corporate customers including their cross border RMB trade settlement accounts and transaction details.

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