Service Summary

Service Summary
Service Summary
    Service Summary of CMB Wing Lung e-Banking

    Transaction Limit & Service hour enquiry

    Services Personal
    Net Banking
    Net Banking
    Mobile Banking Phone Banking ATM
    Account Balance Enquiry
    Account Transaction History Enquiry    
    Fund Transfer
    Fund Transfer to Account with Other Bank  
    Fixed Deposit Creation  
    Fixed Deposit Renewal    
    Deposit Rate Enquiry  
    Inward Remittance Enquiry    
    Cheque Status Enquiry  
    Stop Payment of Cheque  
    Request for Cheque Book and Statement
    Cash Withdrawal        
    Forward Dated
    Forward Payment      
    Forward Enquiry / Deletion      
    Forward History      
    Bill Payment
    Bill Payment
    Bill Transaction History Enquiry      
    My Bill List Creation / Amendment    
    Securities Trading  
    Order Journal  
    Order Enquiry / Amendment / Cancellation  
    Order Details & History  
    Account Balance Enquiry  
    Account Transfer    
    Margin Fund Transfer  
    Addition, Amendment & Cancellation of Securities Savings Scheme    
    Stock Price Enquiry  
    Market Information    
    IPO Centre    
    IPO Subscription
    Instant IPO Application    
    Notes to IPO Subscription    
    IPO Application Demo      
    Enquiry Hotline    
    Application Form Collection Branches    
    Payment Methods    
    Subscription Payment Deadline    
    Credit Card
    Account Balance Enquiry    
    Account Transaction History Enquiry      
    Account Settlement    
    Membership Fee Payment (applicable to affinity cards only)        
    Reward Program Enquiry      
    Redemption Form Submission        
    Request for Statement      
    Card Lost Report      
    Application Status Enquiry      
    Card Activation      
    Change of Credit Card Phone Banking PIN        
    Foreign Exchange
    Foreign Exchange  
    Margin Deposit    
    Gold Dealing      
    Purchase of Telegraphic Transfer    
    Purchase of Foreign Currency Notes    
    Mortgage Loan Application      
    Loan Repayment      
    Corporate Banking
    Inward & Outward Bills Credit Limit Enquiry        
    Inward Bills Acceptance Maturity Dates Enquiry        
    Outward Bills Maturity Dates Enquiry        
    Viewing Inward & Outward Bills Transaction Details        
    Inward Bills Loan Due Dates Enquiry        
    Overdue Outward Bills Enquiry        
    Purchase of Helper Insurance    
    Purchase of Sweet Home Insurance      
    Purchase of Motor Vehicle Insurance      
    Purchase of Personal Accident (Plus) Insurance      
    Purchase of Travel Insurance    
    Claim Notification Form Submission      
    Employees' MPF Account Enquiry      
    Master Trust Scheme Contribution      
    Industry Scheme Contribution    
    Wealth Management
    Transaction History Enquiry    
    Current Portfolio Enquiry    
    Last Monthly Statement Enquiry      
    E-Statement Details    
    Service Registration    
    Change of Alert E-mail Address      
    Cancellation of Registration      
    Securities Savings Scheme
    Addition, Amendment & Cancellation of Securities Savings Scheme      
    Other Services
    Personalization of Logon Page      
    NET Banking Account / Service Maintenance      
    NET Transaction History    
    Change of PIN
    NET Banking Service Suspension      
    Change of Address / Phone Number      
    Downloading Application Forms      


    * The services or offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions.

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