RMB Remittance Service

We provide RMB remittance service to the Mainland China or to local banks. We also receive RMB inward remittance for customers.

Personal and Corporate customers can apply for local RMB fund transfer through our E-banking system; Internet application of RMB remittance to the Mainland China is also applicable for personal customers.

  1. Remittance Service is available for Individual RMB deposit account holder to remit RMB to the same name account in the Mainland. Daily maximum remittance amount is RMB80,000 per individual (including application over the counter and through E-Banking)
  2. Personal / Corporate RMB deposit account holder can transfer RMB to accounts with other banks in HK over the counter or through our E-banking system.
  3. Pre-registration is required for internet remittance application.

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