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CMB Wing Lung (Trustee) Limited (“Company”) was established in 1972 and formally named Wing Lung Bank (Trustee) Limited, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited (“CMB Wing Lung Bank”)

In 2008, China Merchants Bank (“CMB”) successfully acquired Wing Lung Bank. In 2018, Wing Lung Bank (Trustee) Limited was renamed CMB Wing Lung (Trustee) Limited. In these 50 years, as a trust service platform of CMB and CMB Wing Lung Bank in Hong Kong, the Company has cooperated with CMB Wing Lung Bank continuously, to provide comprehensive professional trust services and asset custody services to high-net-worth customers, assisting them with wealth inheritance planning.

With years of experience and operation stability, the Company has a deep understanding of needs of Chinese high-net-worth customers and is capable to provide high quality trust and asset custody services, helping them plan early for wealth inheritance.

Main Business
Family Trust

Family trust is one of the wealth management tools commonly used by individuals, which can help customers achieve wealth inheritance and risk isolation. It includes insurance standby trust, investment portfolio trust and pre-initial public offering / post- initial public offering trust.

  • Insurance Standby Trust

Customers generally purchase large-amount life insurance, and then set up an insurance standby trust and designate the trust as the beneficiary of the insurance policy. After the insurance claim is settled, the funds will be put into the trust for unified planning with other trust assets. Insurance standby trust combines the multiple advantages of family trust and traditional life insurance. It ensures that the trust beneficiary can obtain a large amount of life compensation and leverage appreciation from the insurance, and also ensures the continuity of fund management and avoids the disadvantages of one-off compensation being profligate. Insurance standby trust can effectively isolate the insurance claim to reduce the credit risk or risk from marriage for future generations.

  • Investment Portfolio Trusts / Reserved Power Trust

Investment portfolio trust / reserved power trust is to hold trust assets through an offshore company under trust structure. Bank accounts will be opened for the offshore company and then assets can be injected into the trust, including bankable assets (cash, stocks, bonds, funds etc.), Hong Kong insurance policies and Hong Kong properties. Through a properly trust structure arrangement, the trust assets can be protected from the claims of creditors and marital property, and do not need to be processed as estates, which can avoid cumbersome procedures of probate and estate undertaking etc.

  • Pre- Initial Public Offering / Post- Initial Public Offering Trust (Pre-IPO/Post-IPO Trust)

Pre-IPO/Post-IPO trust is one of the wealth management tools commonly used by high-net-worth individuals who are major shareholders of company. Settlor will inject private company shares into the trust, and then the trust will hold shares and other assets. This helps to maintain the stability of the private company’s operation, and prevent the management of the company from being affected by the unexpected situation and personal risk of the majority shareholder.

Employee Benefit Trust/Employee Stock Ownership Program (EBT/ESOP)

The EBT/ESOP is a service provided to listed /planned companies. Through an incentive trust, listed /planned companies can enhancing efficiency and performance of core employees and senior management teams through equity incentives. Types of EBT/ESOP include share award plan, restricted share unit scheme and stock option plan. Each EBT/ESOP will customize its plan settings and scheme rules according to the company's needs, the implementation of the trust could be carried out under the company’s expectation. As an independent third party, a trustee can monitor and ensure the effectiveness of the implementation, so that the employees and the market will have more confidence in the execution of the EBT/ESOP.

Asset Custody Services

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