RMB Bond Investment

  • Offer a regular RMB interest income, provides higher potential return than general RMB fixed deposits.
  • Enjoy potential enhanced returns via the appreciation of RMB.
  • Investment amount as low as RMB10,000.
  • Provide a wide range of RMB bonds issued by variety of issuers (including government and corporations).

  1. RMB Bond Investment
    • a. To purchase RMB bonds through the Bank, both individual and corporate customers must hold a RMB savings account and a wealth management account with the Bank.
    • b. The safe custody fee waiver applies to designated RMB bonds subscription through the Bank during the IPO period. For RMB bonds purchased in the secondary market, a safe custody fee of 0.05% per annum on the nominal value of the bonds will be charged, pro rata on the holding period.

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