CMB Wing Lung Finance Ltd

CMB Wing Lung Finance Ltd, incorporated on 29 December 1972, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMB Wing Lung Bank Ltd. It was initially registered as a deposit taking company offering deposit taking service. To complement the finance products offered by the parent bank and to meet the needs of the customers and the local business community, the company has expanded its service by stages to offer 3 finance services: hire purchase, stocking loan and leasing. The hire purchase service was launched on 1 September 1998, followed by the other two services in 1999.

Both hire purchase and leasing are means to finance business units/individual customers in their acquisition of new or used capital assets or consumer goods. This form of financing helps business units to retain working capital needed for operation and individual customers to acquire the goods without tying up cash for other investment. Interest rate is offered on flat rate or floating rate basis, and the term is structured to meet individual needs with due consideration on the life of the collateral. Leasing is a similar product but differs in tax treatment if the lessee is a business unit. Stocking loan is an easy way to finance the dealer's trading stock.

CMB Wing Lung Finance Ltd will keep abreast of the market trend and expand its services to meet market demands. It is dedicated to offering quality service and assisting customers to explore business opportunities and enhance living standard.

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