Smart Tips for using ATM

Suggest using ATM with PIN pad cover installed


Suggest using normal card reader without any foreign object

Other Security Tips for using ATM Services:
  • If you need to change your PIN, please change it at ATMs with JETCO logo.
  • Cover the keypad while you enter your PIN (if required).
  • Do not expose your PIN to any third parties (CMB Wing Lung Bank staff and Police will never ask you for your PIN for identity verification purposes).
  • Change your PIN regularly, e.g. for every 3 months.
  • Do not use your name, telephone number, date of birth, identification number, etc. as PIN because they are easily guessed.
  • Do not use the same PIN for other services (e.g. internet access service, web mail, online messaging, online shopping and other internet banking services).
  • Do not keep the PIN together with your ATM card.
  • Keep your ATM card in a safe place.
  • Report a lost or stolen ATM card immediately so as to minimize any chance of improper use of the lost or stolen ATM card. You may refer to the Limit of our Liability in the General Conditions for Accounts & Services for reference.
  • Do not get assistance from stranger when performing transaction.
  • Remember to collect your card and cash (if required) after cash withdrawal/deposit transaction. Do not take away any banknotes at the cash dispenser or ATM card at the card insertion slot left behind by others. Let the banknotes or ATM card return to the ATM automatically.
  • Please be cautions and report to the Bank immediately if your card is lost or stolen or if you observe anything abnormal or any unusual device(s) or camera lens is/are installed at the card slot or on the keypad, or that the keypad cover installed at the ATM has been tampered, damaged or removed when using the ATM. Enquiry Hotline: (852) 230 95555.
  • Regularly check account information (e.g. account balance and transaction history) and instantly check transaction notification message delivered by the Bank to ensure the correctness. Contact the Bank immediately should you encounter any suspicious transaction.
  • Inform the Bank immediately if you lose your ATM card, or in case of any suspicious transactions or situations. The Banks will not ask for any sensitive personal information (including passwords) through phone calls or emails.
  • Review regularly and follow security tips published by the Bank to keep yourself updated about the latest security issues.
  • Customer Services Hotline:
    Hong Kong (852) 230 95555 
    Mainland China (86) 4008 822388

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