CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services

Deposit Services consolidated in One Card.One Number

CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services is the consolidated deposit accounts services of CMB Wing Lung Bank ( “the Bank”). With just one consolidated account number, customer can manage the transactions of accounts under CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services (“CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Account”), which makes the management of personal financial portfolio more easy and convenient!

CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Account(1) includes current accounts (HKD, USD and CNY(2)), Combination Savings Account(3)(AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, SGD and THB), fixed deposits account(4)and Pleasure Savings Account. Customer can open all related accounts at once. Customer can also manage his/her personal financial portfolio 24-hour a day through CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services, CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services, CMB Wing Lung Phone Banking Services and ATMs of the Bank or of other banks with / logo.

One Account Number Numerous advantages

  • One Consolidated Account Number for All Deposit Accounts.

    Customers get only one consolidated account number under CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services to access all deposit accounts conveniently.

  • Savings and Current Account 2 in 1

    Current account serves the purpose of issuance of cheque. This account also enjoys deposit interest rate.

  • Interest Credited Every Month

    Receiving interest in shorter time interval to enjoy greater convenience in financial management.

  • Automatic Credit of Remittance

    Funds for multiple multi-currency inward remittances would be credited into the relevant CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Account automatically. Multi-currency remittance can be handled with one consolidated account number.

  • Dual Currency ATM Card

    CMB Wing Lung All-In One Card is offered to CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Customers for HKD cash deposit and withdrawal and CNY cash withdrawal at ATMs of the Bank or of other banks with / logo.

  • All-In-One Card Account Statement

    The All-In-One Card Account Statement will be available regularly. E-statement can also be previewed through CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services. Customers can review their financial portfolio at a glance. It’s convenient and environmental-friendly.

  • HKD Current Deposits Interest Rate Offer

    Customers of CMB Wing Lung Private Banking Service, CMB Wing Lung Wealth Management Service and CMB Wing Lung Sunflower Service can enjoy preferential HKD current account deposit interest rate if their HKD current account balance maintains at a specified level. For enquiries, please contact your relationship manager, contact our Customer Services Hotline or visit any of our branches.

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  1. Monthly Maintenance Fee is applicable to the CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Account. For details, please refer to our CMB Wing Lung Bank Tariff Guide.
  2. Risk Disclosure: The risk of loss associated with the volatile movement in foreign exchange market can be substantial. Participants should have a thorough understanding of the market and should be aware of the risk of foreign exchange investment.
  3. CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services is subject to the terms and conditions in the Bank’s General Conditions for Accounts and Services (as amended from time to time). CMB Wing Lung Bank reserves the right to vary, suspend or withdraw any existing accounts or services offered under the CMB Wing Lung All-In-One Card Services from time to time without prior notice.
  4. The Bank may change any terms or conditions applicable to any service at any time by notice to customers. At least 30 (or in the case of ATM cards, 60) days’ notice will be given to you before any variation of the terms and conditions which affects fees and charges and your liabilities or obligations takes effect, unless such changes are not within the Bank’s control. 14 days’ notice will be given of other variations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, prior notice of any change to the provisions of the equity-linked deposits will be given in any event.
  5. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

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