CMB Wing Lung ATM Card Daily Transaction Limits Overview

Cash Withdrawal, Fund Transfer and Balance Enquiry
Services Daily ATM Card Limits
Cash Withdrawal
  • Per Account: HKD20,000
  • Per Card: HKD20,000
  • Per Person: HKD30,000

Cash Deposit
  • Per Person: HKD80,000 and RMB20,000

Fund Transfer

  • To CMB Wing Lung Bank Account(s) linked to ATM Card

  • To CMB Wing Lung Bank Account(s) not linked to ATM Card
  • To Other JETCO Member Bank Account1


  • Per Card: HKD999,999,999
  • Per Card: HKD50,000 (including fund transfer to CMB Wing Lung Bank Same Name Account(s) not linked to ATM Card and CMB Wing Lung Bank 3rd Party Account(s))
  • Per Card: HKD20,000

POS Payment through EPS

  • Per Card: HKD50,000 (including HK Jockey Club Telebet and Purchase of Cash Vouchers)

POS Payment through UnionPay

  • Per Card: HKD50,000

JET Payment

  • Payment to CMB Wing Lung Credit Card
  • Payment to Other Merchants
    • Tax, Education & Insurance​
    • Utilities & Others
    • IPO Payment


  • Per Card: HKD200,000

  • Per Card: HKD1,000,000
  • Per Card: HKD100,000
  • Per Card: HKD100,000

PPS Transaction

  • Per Card: HKD100,000


  1. Handling fees per transaction are charged for fund transfers to other JETCO member bank accounts. For details, please refer to our deposit service fee table.

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