Notice of 2FA Enhancement for Investment Services

CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited (“the Bank”) has already launched two-factor authentication (“2FA”) in mid of 2018. To further strengthen the security level of using investment services, starting from 18th April, 2020, the Bank will enhance the security level of its coverage, including but not limited to NET Banking Services, CMBWLB Wintech mobile application (“Wintech”) and NET Securities Services for the use of the Bank’s securities and investment services.

2FA coverage:
Customers are required to login the abovementioned electronic channels with 2FA for execution of all instructions of securities and investment services, including but not limited to Securities order placement, Securities Saving Scheme application, IPO subscription, IPO loan subscription, Investment fund trading, Investment Fund Monthly Savings Plan, bond IPO subscription and Gold Passbook trading, etc.

For security purposes and to ensure you can receive the relevant notification letters promptly after conducting your securities and investment transactions, and continue to trade efficiently, if you have not registered any e-mail address with the Bank, it is recommended that you register your e-mail address in your earliest time. You can login to NET Banking Services, Wintech, or visit any of CMB Wing Lung branch for email registration.

Should you have any enquiries, please call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 230 95555.

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