Notice of Telephone Banking Service

For the purpose of enhancing the quality of telephone banking services, and enabling the customers for the enjoyment of an expedient and efficient telephone banking services, CMB Wing Lung Bank (hereinafter referred to as “the Bank”) has outsourced the Call Centre services to the Bank’s Parent Company, China Merchants Bank Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Bank’s Parent Company") as the service provider, to handle general enquiries. 


Furthermore, in order to enable the Bank’s Parent Company for providing a comprehensive banking services to you, including enquiry of account information, the Bank shall disclose the basic customer information of your goodself to the Bank’s Parent Company, such as all relevant account information (such as all relevant account information (including deposits, lending, credit card accounts information), transactions details of relevant account, status, charges and interests information, etc.  Upon obtaining your consent, your information as mentioned above shall be disclosed to the Call Centre of the Bank’s Parent Company situated in the People Republic of China in accordance with the duty of confidentiality to the customer data or any requirements with legal effect.


If you consent to the above disclosures, please print the Form below and return to the Bank for processing.


Please click here to print the Form

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