New Function Added in CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services for Application of Securities Account Opening

With effect from 26th March 2018, apart from opening the Securities Account at any branches of CMB Wing Lung Bank (“the Bank”) or via CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services, existing customer (“Customer”) of the Bank can open the Securities Account via CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services. Customer only needs to go through the following steps to complete the application easily:

  1. Login to CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services and click “All”, select “Securities Account Opening” under “Investment”;
  2. Input the one-time password sent through the “Security Token” or SMS to verify identity;
  3. Fill in Account Information , Financial Status, Investment Experience Questionnaire and accept the terms and conditions; then submit the application;
  4. Customer will receive SMS for confirmation of successful submission of application. A separate SMS will be sent to the Customer upon successful opening of the Securities Account.

After the Securities Account is successfully opened, Customer can login to CMB Wing Lung NET Securities Services / CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services or visit any branches of the Bank for securities trading.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 230 95555.

  1. Through the new function added in CMBWLB Wintech mobile banking services for application of Securities Account Opening, Customer can choose to open for the Cash Securities Trading Account or Cash (Pledge) Securities Trading Account ;
  2. This new function is only applicable to CMBWLB Wintech mobile application 3.0 or above;
  3. CMB Wing Lung Bank reserves the right to review the eligibility of Securities Account Opening.
Risk Disclosure:

Investment involves risks and the price of securities may fluctuate or even become worthless. Losses may be incurred rather than making a profit as a result of dealing in securities. You should carefully and independently consider whether the securities are suitable for you in light of your investment experience, objectives, financial position and risk profile. Independent professional advice should be obtained if necessary. Please read the relevant terms and conditions together with the risk disclosure statements in the General Conditions for Accounts and Services before making any investment decisions.

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