According to past statistics, the annual loss in household contents, industrial or commercial equipment, raw material or stock-in-trade due to fire was incredibly substantial. To indemnify you against any financial loss caused by fire, our Fire Insurance offers comprehensive coverage tailored to suit your needs.


To compensate the loss of or damage to the insured property caused by fire; or by explosion of boilers or gas used for domestic purpose only.

  • Building
  • Stock In Trade
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
  • Clothing and Personal Effects
  • Machinery, Utensils and Tools of Trade
  • Rental Income
  • Other stipulated items

Extra Perils Endorsement

(01) Aircraft  
(2A) Earthquake (Fire Shock & Flood) HK$3,000
(03) Explosion  
(4B) Vehicle Impact (by any vehicle) HK$3,000
(5A) Riot & Strike  
(06) Malicious Damage  
(7A) Typhoon, Windstorm & Flood HK$3,000
(7B) Typhoon & Windstorm (excluding flood) HK$3,000
(7C) Typhoon & Windstorm (including flood) HK$3,000
(08) Water Tanks, Apparatus & Pipes HK$3,000
(09) Sprinkler Leakage  

Remarks : The above information is provided for reference only. For details, please refer to the exclusions, terms and conditions of our Fire Insurance policy.

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