CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card

CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card
CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card
    The First World Business MasterCard in Greater China
    Explore Worldwide Business Opportunity with CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card

    In this competitive business environment, company executives must be able to get well control over the business and keep exploring business opportunity around the world. CMB Wing Lung Bank fully understands the needs. Tailored for senior management, the first World Business MasterCard in Greater China region by CMB Wing Lung Bank allows you to be advantageous when doing business worldwide. Together with the Corporate Executive Card, CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card assists your business management and development.

    Better Financial Management
    • Consolidated or Individual Billing Options

      To tailor for different needs, company may choose among "Consolidated Billing" or "Individual Billing".

    • Annual Spending Summary

      The annual spending summary clearly records the spending of cardholders and company, providing a clear picture of your company expenses.

    • Company Logo Printing to enhance Company Image
      Company may print their company logo on the cardface to demonstrate their company status.


      Company logo will be printed at the designated location on card face. An annual administration fee of HK$100 will be charged for each Corporate Card with logo printed.

    • Annual Fee Waiver
      Each successful application of CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card can enjoy first 5-year annual fee waiver.

    • Bonus Point Scheme

      • You will be awarded 1 bonus point on every spending of HK$1 with CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card to redeem cash coupons and gifts.
      • 3 times reward for overseas spending.

      Bonus Point Scheme is subject to related terms and conditions. The Bank may change any offers or terms and condition without giving prior notice.

    • Special Reward Program Register Now

      Starting from January 1, 2024, cardholders can register this special reward program online or through our Customer Service Hotline 3711 6688 (press 1-1-7 after selecting language):


      • Up to 5 times special reward for spending made from now to December 31, 2024 at below specified spending categories:
        • Airline & Travel
        • Hotel & Lodging
        • Resturant & Bar
        • Supermarket & Convenience Stores

      For example:

        Bonus Points Asia Miles
      Local Spending Specified category HK$1 = 3 bonus points HK$4 = 12 bonus points = 1 Asia Mile
      Other category HK$1 = 1 bonus point HK$12 = 12 bonus points = 1 Asia Mile
      Overseas Spending Specified category HK$1 = 5 bonus points HK$2.4 = 12 bonus points = 1 Asia Mile
      Other category HK$1 = 3 bonus points HK$4 = 12 bonus points = 1 Asia Mile
      • Special Reward Program Registration Period:

      Registration Period

      Eligible Spending Period for Special Reward Program
      (Cardholder is required to register successfully once only)

      1 st quarter

      from 1 Jan to 31 Mar 2024

      From 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2024

      2 nd quarter

      from 1 Apr to 30 Jun 2024

      From 1 Apr to 31 Dec 2024

      3 rd quarter

      from 1 Jul to 30 Sep 2024

      From 1 Jul to 31 Dec 2024

      4 th quarter

       from 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2024

      From 1 Oct to 31 Dec 2024


      1. Corporate Card Cardholder should register its individual Corporate Card account no. to join the program.
      2. The promotion period for the program is valid until 31 Dec 2024.
      3. The offer applies only to eligible transactions posted not later than 10 days from the transaction date within the eligible spending period.
      4. Special reward will be posted to cardholders’ account within 60 days after the end of registration period of each quarter. 
      5. Spending in HKD currency will not be counted as overseas spending.
      6. CMB Wing Lung Bank has the right to change any of the above offers or terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
    Comprehensive Coverage
    • Free Travel Accident Protection Plan

      From now until 6 Dec 2024, if your overseas journey originates from Hong Kong, provided all the fares or tickets or full packaged tour cost is purchased or settled with CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card(“ Covered trip”), you can enjoy the free travel protection, including:

      Enquiry Hotline
      : (852) 2903 9389
      24-hr Emergency Assistance Hotline
      : (852) 2886 3977
      Claims Hotline
      : (852) 2903 9388


        Limit of Indemnity for Cardholder
      Personal Accident Cover Up to HK$3,900,000
      Medical Expenses Up to HK$195,000
      Flight Delay Up to HK$3,900
      Luggage Delay Up to HK$3,900
      Loss of Luggage Up to HK$7,800
      Emergency Evacuation Up to HK$780,000
    • MasterCard 24-hour Emergency Assistance Service

      CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card provides you 24-hour Emergency Assistance Services including lost card and stolen card reporting, emergency cash assistance, etc.

    Greater Financial Flexibility
    • Individual Credit Limit

      Company may assign the individual credit limit for each cardholder according to their business needs.

    • Cash Advance Service

      Company may arrange cash advance facility for selected staffs for cash withdrawal through ATM of worldwide MasterCard CIRRUS network in case of instant cash needs.

    • Flexible Payment Method

      CMB Wing Lung Corporate Card can enjoy 50-day interest free repayment period. To tailor different companies' financial arrangements, full payment, partial payment, or direct debit authorization for autopay payment through designated company's bank account is available.

    Remark: All above services or offers are only applicable to World Business Mastercard and Corporate Executive MasterCard and subjected to related terms and conditions. For details, please refer to related promotional leaflet. CMB Wing Lung Bank reserves the right to change the above offers.
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