CMB Wing Lung Credit Card

CMB Wing Lung Credit Card
CMB Wing Lung Credit Card


    CMB Wing Lung Credit Card Offer

    CMB Wing Lung MasterCard Platinum Card cardholders are entitled to first 5 years annual fee waiver.

    Customer will be awarded 1 bonus point on every spending of HKD1 with CMB Wing Lung Credit Card to redeem cash coupons and gifts.

    Long-term CMB Wing Lung Credit Card Cardholders can redeem your favorite gifts at discounts. Cardholders who have held our credit card for 10 years or above can enjoy a great discount of 40%.

    Loyalty Year Redemption Discount
    2-3 years 20% off
    4-9 years 30% off
    10 years or above 40% off

    12,000 Bonus Points = 1,000 Asia Miles
    Cardholders can use the Asia Miles accumulated to redeem flight awards to over 1,000 destinations with 25 airline partners. Moreover, you can redeem other lifestyle awards including hotel stays, culinary delights, electronic gadgets, concert tickets and more.


    1. For details of CMB Wing Lung Credit Card Loyalty Redemption Discount, please refer to the related terms and Conditions.
    2. For details and terms and conditions of Asia Miles Redemption, please refer to the relevant promotional materials or visit the Bank’s website.


    CMB Wing Lung Bank Customer Services Hotline: 230 95555


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