Chargeback Request Procedure

Whenever a cardholder has doubts about the transactions on the statement, the cardholder can approach the Bank to raise a chargeback to the merchant with an aim to get back the transaction fund.

However, since it takes some time before the cardholder can get refund through chargeback request, the cardholder is advised to enquire the transaction with the merchant first. Only when the enquiry from the merchant is not successful and there is a valid reason to support the refund, then the cardholder can approach the Bank for raising chargeback through the Bank to the merchant.

Process of Raising Chargeback

Please note that dispute request for the following transaction types is not accepted. You should contact the merchant and try to resolve the dispute with the merchant.

  1. Octopus Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) auto-reload transaction
  2. Merchant Interest-free Instalment Transaction (Except Merchant Close Down)
  3. Online Transaction with OTP (One-Time-Password) authentication (use Unauthorized Transaction as the dispute reason)

There is a time-frame on raising chargebacks as follows :

International Card Associations Chargeback Reasons Time Frame
Visa/MasterCard Non-delivery of goods and services 90 days after the expected receipt of goods/services, provided it is within 520 days of the transaction date
Others Normally 90 days after the date of transaction
CUP Non-delivery of goods and services Normally 90 days after the date of transaction

Note : The above time-frames are for reference only. The actual time-frame may vary according to the nature of each case.

  1. The cardholder can raise the request by approaching any of the Bank’s branches or calling Customer Contact Centre (Tel : 2309 5555) for the Cardholder Declaration on Dispute Transaction Form. The form can also be downloaded from the Bank’s website.
  2. The cardholder should read the terms stated on the form carefully and fill in the form properly. The form can be submitted via one of the following channels:
    • Mail (Address: 6/F, CMB Wing Lung Bank Centre, 636 Nathan Road, Kowloon)
    • Fax (Fax No.: 2771 2482)
    • Email (Email Address:
  3. Meanwhile, the Bank will freeze the repayment of the concerned chargeback transaction temporarily. The disputed amount will be shown on the credit card statement. The cardholder needs not make payment until there is a result in the chargeback. (Note 1)
  4. The Bank will then process the cardholder request by raising the chargeback to the merchant through the acquiring bank in accordance with the rules of international card association.
  5. Unless there are instances where longer processing time is required,, it will take approx. 60 days to process a case.
  6. If the result is successful, the Bank will credit the refund into cardholder’s card account within 14 working days.
  7. If the result is not successful, no refund will be made by the merchant, the cardholder has to repay the outstanding balance (including interest) of the chargeback transaction.
  8. In case the cardholder is not satisfied with the result and have new valid ground, the cardholder can raise a request for Arbitration. For details of Arbitration, please call the Bank’s Customer Contact Centre (Tel : 2309 5555).
  9. The Bank will not charge any handling fee when the case is successful and when the cardholder can get a refund from the merchant. However, if the case fails, the Bank will charge a handling fee of HKD150.

Note 1: If the merchandise is paid by an installment loan applied by the cardholder from the Bank, the cardholder has to continue repayments under the loan punctually during the process of chargeback. Moreover, even the final chargeback result is negative, the cardholder still have to make punctual repayments until the loan is fully settled.

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