Securities Savings Scheme

Securities Savings Scheme

Securities Savings Scheme

Securities Savings Scheme
    The number of shares of Securities Savings Scheme (“this Scheme”) for selection is now added up to 56 shares! By joining this Scheme, you can make use of "Dollar Cost Averaging" to purchase more shares when the stock price goes down and less shares when the stock price goes up. It may help balance the overall effectiveness for long term investment and minimize impact of short term market volatility.
    Features of the scheme:
    • You do not have to invest a lump sum, and you can choose the amount you wish to invest from as low as HK$1,000.
    • You have the flexibility to change the contribution amount, select another share for investment or terminate this Scheme without any charges.
    • You can add, amend or terminate this Scheme or the contribution amount by login to NET Banking Services.
    • You can sell the shares in the account anytime.
    • You are entitled to the rights of a shareholder. Dividend and bonus will be deposited to your securities account directly.
    • Statement will list out the contribution status, number of shares bought and purchase price. Contribution history can be enquired through NET Banking Services and CMB Wing Lung Automated Securities Services Enquiry Hotline.
    • In case you are in need of cash, you do not have to sell the accumulated shares. Just pledge the shares to the Bank as security and you can get financing of up to 60% of the market value of shares after completing simple application procedures.



    A customer joined the Securities Savings Scheme in July 2017. It is assumed that shares of Tracker Fund (Stock Code: 02800) were bought at the closing price at the end of each month with monthly contribution of HK$3,000.

    Date Net Investment Amount* (HK$) Purchase Price (HK$) Number of Shares Bought Number of Shares Accumulated Net Dividend Received**(HK$)
    07/2017 2,979.50 27.90 105 105  
    08/2017 2,982.50 28.75 102 207  
    09/2017 2,975.20 28.40 103 310  
    10/2017 2,980.35 28.45 103 413 290.14
    11/2017 2,995.00 29.45 100 513  
    12/2017 2,994.90 30.05 98 611  
    01/2018 2,995.90 33.10 89 700  
    02/2018 2,973.40 31.10 94 794  
    Total 23,876.75     794 290.14

    Example as of July 2017:
    Net investment amount = HK$27.90 x 105 shares + HK$50 (Transaction fee for buying shares) = HK$2,979.50
    Refund of buying the particular shares = HK$3,000 − HK$2,979.50 = HK$20.50
    Cost per share = HK$23,876.75 ÷ 794 shares = HK$30.07
    Investment returns up to February 2018 = asset appreciation *** + net dividend received
    = (HK$31.10 − HK$30.07) x 794 shares + HK$290.14** = HK$1,107.96

    * Net investment amount = monthly contribution amount − refund
    ** Net dividend received = amount of dividend paid by the listed company − charges on dividend collection – registration and transfer fee = (413 shares X$0.78 per share)-$30-$2

    Asset appreciation = (closing price of the day − cost per share) x number of shares accumulated

    Remark: The above prices are for reference only.


    Details of Securities Savings Scheme
    Characteristics Monthly contribution will be utilised to purchase shares selected by customers to the nearest units of share. Shares purchased will be directly deposited to customers' Securities Account of CMB Wing Lung Bank, and monthly statement showing transaction details will be issued. Investment term is flexible.
    Payment method Monthly contribution will be automatically debited from customers' savings/current account (settlement account)with CMB Wing Lung Bank.
    Payment date Payment will be made on the specified date each month (the actual payment date varies according to individual share).
    Share purchase date/Refund date Two trading days after the payment date.
    Contribution amount Minimum HK$1,000 per month with an increment of HK$500 or its multiples, maximum HK$20,000 per month. For each scheme, customers can invest in shares of one listed company.
    Transaction fee for buying shares Flat charge of HK$50 (including all trade-related charges).
    Transaction fee for selling shares Same as normal charges for selling shares. Please refer to Securities Services Charges on the General Banking and CMB Wing Lung Sunflower Service Charges for details.
    Other charges Charges on collection of dividend, bonus issued and other corporate actions will be levied according to Securities Services Charges on the General Banking and CMB Wing Lung Sunflower Service Charges.


    Shares for selection and monthly payment date
    5th CKH HOLDINGS (00001) HKEX
    BANK OF CHINA (03988) WANT WANT CHINA (00151) TENCENT (00700) WYNN MACAU (01128)  
    SHK PPT (00016) SINOPEC CORP (00386) CCB
    CNOOC (00883) AAC TECH (02018)  
    PING AN (02318) CONCH CEMENT (00914) MENGNIU DAIRY (02319)  
    17th HK & CHINA GAS
    PETROCHINA (00857) CKI HOLDINGS (01038) ISHARES A50 (02823) SINOPHARM (01099) XIAOMI-W (01810)  
    CHINA LIFE (02628) STANCHART (02888) GEELY AUTO (00175) CK ASSET (01113) WH GROUP (00288)  
    21st POWER ASSETS (00006) LINK REIT (00823) BOC HONG KONG
    YUEXIU REIT (00405) AIA
    WH GROUP (00762)  
    24th MANULIFE-S (00945) ICBC
    HSCEI ETF (02828) BANKCOMM (03328) WHARF REIC (01997) CSOP A50 ETF

    Securities Saving Scheme - Privileges Offer
    • Transaction Fee Refund
    • Commission Rebate

    Terms and Conditions of Securities Saving Scheme:
    1. Securities Savings Scheme (“this Scheme”) operates in accordance with the terms and conditions of Securities Savings Scheme under Section C of Part II of General Conditions for Accounts and Services.  Capitalized terms unless otherwise defined herein, shall have the same meanings as Section C of Part II of General Conditions for Accounts and Services. This Scheme is only applicable to customers who have opened cash securities trading account of CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited (“the Bank”).
    2. Relevant information of securities transaction can be checked through CMB Wing Lung NET Banking Services and CMB Wing Lung Automated Securities  Services Enquiry Hotline on the day following the share purchase date.
    3. All the refund amount (if any) after the execution of the relevant Instructions will be credited to customers' settlement account on the share purchase date.
    4. If the monthly contribution made by the customer amounts to above HKD20,000, customers can participate in two or more schemes. Buying Transaction Fee will be calculated separately for each scheme.
    5. Transaction Fee Refund: For customers who make monthly contribution for six consecutive months and pay Transaction Fee under the same scheme, the sixth month of the Transaction Fee will be fully refunded and will be deposited to the settlement account in the seventh month. If the customer switches the securities during the period, the calculation of consecutive contribution will be started over again.
    6. Commission Rebate: Customers who participate in two schemes with the same Securities Account and make the monthly contribution can get 10% Commission Rebate for each scheme. Customers who participate in three or more schemes with the same Securities Account and make the monthly contribution can get 20% Commission Rebate for each scheme. Customers have to pay full Buying Transaction Fee of that month and the Commission Rebate will be credited to the settlement account within the next calendar month after the Payment Date. Commission means the remaining balance of Buying Transaction Fee after deduction of stamp duty, transaction levy, trading fee and CCASS stock settlement fee, etc.
    7. Customers cannot enjoy the Transaction Fee Refund and Commission Rebate at the same time. After calculation by the Bank, the Transaction Fee Refund or Commission Rebate of that month, whichever is higher, will be deposited to customers' settlement account.
    8. Customer can place selling order of the relevant securities in odd lots. Such selling order will be executed at odd lot market price (if any). The odd lot market price is normally lower than the board lot market price.
    9. If the customers participate in this Scheme with “Elderly Securities Account”, customers cannot enjoy Transaction Fee Refund and Commission Rebate.
    10. If contribution suspends for three consecutive months, the customers are deemed to withdraw from this Scheme. This Scheme will automatically be terminated without further notice.
    11. The Bank reserves the rights to suspend, amend, terminate or cancel any offer and/or vary its terms and conditions at any time without further notice. The Bank's interpretation and decision shall be final in case of any dispute.
    12. For information relating to the terms and conditions, services charges and promotional offers of securities services of the Bank, please refer to the promotional leaflets and Securities Service Charges on the General Banking and CMB Wing Lung Sunflower Service Charges.
    13. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of this terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.



    Warning: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

    Enquiry Hotline: 230 95555


    Risk Disclosure:
    The above information is for reference only and does not constitute and should not be regarded as any offer to purchase or sell. Investment involves risks and the price of securities may fluctuate or even become worthless. Losses may be incurred rather than making a profit as a result of dealing in securities. You should carefully and independently consider whether the securities are suitable for you in light of your investment experience, objectives, financial position and risk profile. This advertisement has not been authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission. Independent professional advice should be obtained if necessary. Please read the relevant terms and conditions together with the risk disclosure statements in the General Conditions for Accounts and Services before making any investment decisions
    According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you may, at any time and without charge, choose not to receive our future promotional materials. Please click here or inform us in writing in case of such a request to the Data Protection Officer. (Address: The Data Protection Officer, CMB Wing Lung Bank Limited, 45 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong. Fax no. 2782 3895)






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