SMS/ Email Notification Services

SMS/ Email Notification Services
SMS/ Email Notification Services

    Our Bank provides free SMS/ Email notification service. Through mobile phone SMS/ Email, customers can receive Notification of Securities Service:

    • Stock Trade Execution Result

      Customers who have made order placement through any of our trading channels will be notified of the final execution result of the trading order via SMS/ Email.

    • IPO Allotment Result

      Customers who have made IPO subscription through the Bank will be notified of the allotment result via SMS/ Email on the IPO allotment result announcement day regardless of whether the subscription for shares is successful or not.

    • Notification of Corporate Action (SMS Notification only)

      Qualified clients can receive notification of corporate action through SMS (e.g. dividend with script options, rights issues etc.)

    Terms and Conditions for SMS/Email Notification Services:

    1.   To enhance the security of securities trading, the Bank will send a SMS/email notification of stock trade execution result and IPO allotment result to customer if the customer has provided a valid mobile phone number/email address to the Bank.
    2.   No service fee will be charged by the Bank for the SMS/Email Notification Service, but customers are advised to inquire their mobile phone network or email service provider as to whether any service fee will be charged for receiving such SMS/email. You should bear the relevant charge (if any) and the Bank will not be responsible.
    3.   Under normal circumstances, the Bank will not provide manual order acknowledgement to customer after the SMS/email of stock execution result was sent via the SMS/Email Notification Service.
    4.   Only one mobile phone number/email address of the account holder can be registered for each securities account to receive the SMS/email notification.
    5.   Neither the Bank nor any of the relevant companies designated by the Bank to provide the SMS/Email Notification Service will assume any liability or responsibility for any failure or delay in transmitting SMS/email to customers or any error in such SMS/email or interruption in transmission.
    6.   The Bank reserves the right to amend the coverage of the SMS/ Email Notification Service from time to time.
    7.   All SMS/email sent by the Bank is one-way transmission. Customers should not reply any such SMS/email.
    8.   Customers are required to inform the Bank immediately if their mobile phone number/email address has changed or they would like to terminate the SMS/Email Notification Service. Any change to the SMS/Email Notification Service will be effective within 3 working days from the date the Bank receives the application.

    We also provide “SMS Price Alert Service”, customer can register the SMS alert of stock price and indices. Help you seize the right investment opportunity. Application Form

    Terms and Conditions for SMS Price Alert Service :

    1.  Service fee will be charged by the Bank for each SMS sent. For details please refer to the Bank’s Service Fee.
    2.  Customer need to have NET Securities Service in order to register SMS Price Alert Service. The SMS Price Alert Service will be effective within 3 working days from the application received date. Customer may set the stock / indices price alert via NET Securities.
    3. The Bank will only send SMS alert once (if any) per each setting to the customer mobile phone when the price / indices meet the alert setting. The alert will be sent once only after the first trigger during the life time of setting and there will be no SMS alert sending after the first trigger.


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