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CMB Wing Lung "Helper Insurance" provides three different insurance plans to cater your needs.

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  • No excess on all benefits.
  • Local domestic helper and Part-time domestic helper also can be insured.
  • Employer’s Liability are covered up to HK$100,000,000
  • Personal Accident Benefits are covered up to HK$200,000
  • Temporary Helper Allowance due to engagement of service of a temporary helper from the 4th day of the Insured Helper's continuous confinement in a hospital.
  • Dental Expenses is covered.
  • Plan A - Section 1 only : Employees’ Compensation
  • Plan B - Section 1 - 9
  • Plan C - Section 1 to 10


Section of Benefits Maximum Limit(HK$)
1. Employees’ Compensation  
  Protection against the Insured's legal liability under the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and Common Law. $100,000,000 per event
2. Clinical Expenses  
  Reimbursement of clinical expenses incurred due to sickness or bodily injury sustained by the Insured Helper for treatment received from a Registered Medical Practitioner up to: $300 per visit per day
  Registered Physiotherapist treatment expenses followed by the first medical treatment was received from a Registered Medical Practitioner, and / or Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner treatment expenses up to: $100 per visit per day / $500 per year
  Total maximum amount payable per year under this Section 3,000
3. Hospitalization and Surgical Expenses  
  Reimbursement of surgical and hospitalization expenses incurred by the Domestic Helper due to sickness or accident up to  
  Room, board &other miscellaneous hospital charges $300 per day
  Surgical benefit per disability $10,000
  Anaesthesia and its administration benefit per disability 25% of payable surgical benefit but not exceeding $2,500
  Operating theatre benefit per disability 12.5% of payable surgical benefit but not exceeding $1,250
  Total maximum amount payable per year under this Section $20,000
  (Hospital means a hospital providing 24 hours service by qualified and registered medical practitioner for the care and treatment of sickness and injured person and is not primarily a clinic, a place for custodial care, alcoholics or drug addicts, a nursing, rest or convalescent home or home for the aged.)  
4. Temporary Helper Allowance  
  Cash allowances for loss of services commencing from the 4th day of insured Domestic Helper's confinement in a hospital. $200 per day / $6,000 per year
5. Dental Expenses  
  Reimbursement of two-thirds of the dental expenses incurred by the Domestic Helper up to $1,500 per year
6. Personal Accident Benefits  
  Death or Permanent Disablement resulting from accidental injury occurring in Hong Kong during the rest days of the Domestic Helper  
  Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement 200,000
  Loss of two or more limbs 200,000
  Loss of sight of both eyes 200,000
  Loss of one limb and sight of one eye 200,000
  Loss of one limb or sight of one eye 100,000
  (Loss of limb shall mean physical severance of a hand or foot at or above the wrist or ankle or of an arm or leg at or above elbow or knee. Loss of sight shall mean total and irrecoverable loss of all sight.)  
7. Repatriation Expenses  
  Reimbursement of expenses incurred in repatriating: (a) the Insured Helper in the event of serious sickness or serious bodily injury; (b) the mortal remains in the case of death back to his / her country of residence $20,000 per year
8. Replacement Helper Expenses  
  Extra expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred for employing a new helper in the event the insured Domestic Helper is repatriated due to serious injury, illness or death. (A valid claim must be payable under Section 7 "Repatriation Expenses") $3,000 per year
Premium Table Insurance Period - 1 year Insurance Period - 2 year
Plan A - Section 1 only HK$400 HK$720
Plan B - Section 1 - 9 (Applicable to foreign domestic helper only) HK$800 HK$1,440
Plan C - Section 1 - 10 (Applicable to foreign domestic helper only) HK$1,100 HK$1,940
Waiting Period

A 15-day waiting period from the effective date of the Insured Helper’s insurance shall be applicable to Sections 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 of the Schedule of Benefits. No benefits shall be payable under these Sections during the waiting period.

Major Exclusions
  1. Declared or undeclared war, invasion or civil war;

  2. Any act of terrorism (Not applicable to Section 1 – Employees’ Compensation);

  3. Intentional self-inflicted injury or suicide or any attempt whether sane or insane;

  4. Childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and / or associated complications;

  5. Intoxication by alcohol, narcotics or drugs not prescribed by a Registered Medical Practitioner and treatment in connection with addiction to drugs or alcohol;

  6. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (“AIDS”) or AIDS related complex (“ARC”);

  7. Any injury, sickness, accident or event which occurred outside Hong Kong and / or any expenses incurred and / or treatment received outside Hong Kong;

  8. Any pre-existing sickness, illness, injury or medical condition;

  9. Nervous or mental disease or disorder, venereal disease, congenital anomalies and deformities, infertility or sterilization;

  10. Vaccinations, immunization or preventive medication;

  11. Rest cure or general physical check-up;

  12. Routine dental examination, scaling, polishing or cleaning, bridges, crowns, braces or dentures, dental prosthetics (including precious alloy restorations);

  13. Winter sports, underwater activities requiring breathing apparatus, climbing or mountaineering requiring rope or guide, motor cycling (or traveling on motorcycle), racing of any kind, etc.;

  14. Any Insured Helper who is not aged between 18 and 60 on the effective date or is aged above 65 on subsequent insurance renewal.

Please refer to the Policy for detailed exclusions.

Remarks: The information above provides a brief introduction only. Please refer to the insurance policy for Terms and Conditions and other specific details. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between the Bank and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the contractual terms of this Plan should be resolved between directly CMB Wing Lung Insurance and the customer.

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