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  • Up to HKD 30,000 Accidental Medical Expenses
  • A daily cash benefit is subjected to 3 consecutive days and up to a maximum of 365 days. If the insured person is hospitalized for medical treatment as a result of injury caused by an accident.
  • Extension
    • Registered/listed Chinese Bonesetter, Acupuncturist and Chiropractor Treatment Expenses
    • Physiotherapist Expenses
  • Free Extra Benefits
    • Double Accidental Death Benefit is covered caused by the insured person travelling as a fare-paying passenger on board a public common carrier or being an innocent victim in a robbery or attempted robbery.
    • Clothing and Personal Effects Loss and Damage can be compensated by accident.

Summary of Benefits and Limits     

Basic Benefits

Plan A

Plan B

Maximum Limit (HK$)


Accidental Death

A lump sum cash compensation in the event of accidental death occurring within 12 consecutive months from the date of accident.





Permanent Disablement

A lump sum cash compensation according to the percentage of permanent disablement occurring within 12 consecutive months from the date of accidental injury.





Accidental Medical Expenses

The reimbursement of the actual medical expenses including hospital charges and surgery fees as a result of injury caused by accident occurring within consecutive 12 months from the date of accident.


(i) Registered/listed Chinese Bonesetter, Acupuncturist and Chiropractor Treatment Expenses

($150 per visit per day, maximum 5 visits)

(ii) Physiotherapist Expenses

($300 per visit per day, maximum 5 visits)

Sub-limit in total under (i) and (ii) of this Extension :
























Daily Hospital Cash

A daily cash benefit starting from the first day of confinement if the Insured Person is hospitalized for medical treatment as a result of injury caused by an accident, subject to a minimum hospital confinement of 3 consecutive days and up to a maximum of 365 days.


$80 per day



$160 per day

Free Extra Benefits


Double Accidental Death Benefit

A double compensation benefit for accidental death in the event that the accident happens while the Insured Person is:

(i) travelling as a fare-paying passenger on board a public common carrier, or

(ii) being an innocent victim in a robbery or attempted robbery.


Clothing & Personal Effects Damage Compensation

Reimburse the Insured Person for damage to the clothing and personal effects to an amount not exceeding HK$2,000 if Insured Person sustains injury caused by accident and is entitled to the Accident Medical Expenses.


Worldwide Emergency Assistant Service

With the comprehensive Worldwide Emergency Assistant Service provided by Inter Partner Assistance Hong Kong Limited (IPA), Insured Person is always well protected while travelling outside Hong Kong.


Emergency Assistance Hotline Services (Including Medical Advice, Evaluation, Referral Medical Appointment and Monitoring, Arrangement of Delivery of Essential Medication/Medical Equipment, Travel Information, Luggage Retrieval, Emergency Rerouting Arrangements, Assistance on Loss of Travelling Document and Legal Referral.


Emergency Medical Assistance Services

Maximum Limit (HK$)




Medical Evacuation

Unlimited Cover



Repatriation After Treatment

Unlimited Cover



Repatriation of Mortal Remains/Ashes

Unlimited Cover



Compassionate Visit by a relative or designated  person if the Insured Person is confined in overseas hospital for more than 10 consecutive days

A scheduled round-trip airline ticket (economy class) and ordinary hotel room accommodation up to HK$1,200 per day, max. 5 days



Return of Unattended Dependent Child(ren) to HK

Scheduled airline ticket(s) (economy class)



Deposit Guaranteeing of Hospital Admission

Maximum HK$80,000



Hotel Room Accommodation for Convalescence

HK$1,200 per day,

Max. 5 days



Unexpected Return of the Country of Residence

A Scheduled airline ticket (economy class)



Dispatch of Physician


Classification of Occupation/Annual Premium

Occupational Class

Annual Premium (HK$)

Plan A

Plan B

Class I



Professions and occupations mainly involving administrative, indoor duties without manual work

e.g. lawyer, accountant, administrator, indoor clerk, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, teacher, stockbroker, programmer, housewife, student, clinic nurse, beautician, indoor sales representative, etc.

Class II



Other non-manual work or occupations frequently involving outdoor duties

e.g. outdoor sales representative, commercial traveler, chauffeurs, messenger, property agent, hospital nurse, hairstylist, tailor, etc.

Class III


Not applicable to Class III Occupation Class

Professions and occupations involving slight manual work or use of simple tools or machineries (but not required to use heavy or hazardous machinery)

e.g. garment worker, printing worker, electronic factory worker, kitchen worker, waiter or waitress, baker, petrol station worker, security guard, building caretaker, indoor cleaning worker, taxi driver etc.

Notes: The above classification of occupation is for general reference only. Please refer to your insurance agent or the Company for decision if the Proposer cannot ascertain his/her Occupational Class.

You can click here to find more classification of occupation

Minimum Premium per Policy: HK$400

Major Exclusions:
  1. any pre-existing physical/mental defects or infirmity
  2. war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power
  3. intentional self-inflicted injury or suicide
  4. under the effect or influence of alcohol or narcotics or drugs not prescribed by a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner
  5. any illegal or unlawful act
  6. engaging in a sport in a professional capacity
  7. flying or travelling in an aircraft other than as a fare paying passenger with a licenced carrier on a scheduled route
  8. engaging in air or ship crews
  9. engaging in service or duty with the police or any armed force or fire service or security guard service of any country
  10. any kind of sickness or disease
  11. childbirth, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion and/or all complications
  12. claims directly or indirectly due to nuclear or radioactivity.
  1. The Insured Person must be a legal resident holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card and normally residing in Hong Kong aged between 12 and 65, and renewable up to the age of 70.
  2. The Insured Person aged between 12 and 18 can only be insured under Plan A and his/her parents or guardian must give consent for this coverage.


Automatic Renewal of Policy:

In order to offer you a continuous coverage in a simple way, this insurance policy will be automatically renewed at the end of each policy year if :

  • No notice of amendment to the renewal terms and conditions is sent to you prior to the expiry date of your existing policy, and
  • You have authorized us to directly debit to your CMB Wing Lung bank account or CMB Wing Lung credit card for the premium of next renewal policy period.


Important Notes to Proposer:
  1. The Insurance will not become effective until this proposal form has been accepted by the Company.
  2. You have to disclose in this Proposal Form ALL material facts which shall form the basis of any policy issued hereunder, otherwise the policy issued may be void or voidable. If in doubt whether a fact is material, please disclose. Any alterations or corrections on this Proposal Form should be endorsed by the Proposed.
  3. The Proposer should keep a record (including copies of letters) of all information supplied to the Company for the purpose of the application for this insurance.
  4. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.
  5. This leaflet is simply a general summary for your reference and information only. For details, please refer to the insurance policy.

Remarks: The information above provides a brief introduction only. Please refer to the insurance policy for Terms and Conditions and other specific details. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of this Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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